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2011-03-19 02:54 am
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Gundam 00: An Awakening of a Trailblazer Icons

Most of these are from the movie, but a few nice fan art ones are thrown in. Also, it was kind of a pain to get good screen caps of Harute, Zabanya, and Raphael, as they are all so awkwardly built.

Comment if you want to, but do credit if you take and use these.

00 Qan[T]: 29
00 Raiser: 7
Exia: 2
Setsuna F. Seiei: 207
Feldt Grace: 61
Harute: 10
Allelujah/Soma: 77 Total
Zabanya: 19
Dynames: 3
Lockon Stratos (Lyle): 40
Tieria Erde: 16
Miss Sumeragi: 11
Mileina Vashti: 4
Misc: 3


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2010-12-06 01:51 am
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Gundam 00 Icons

Mostly Setsuna and his Gundams, since I rp him. Comment if you want, credit [ profile] slick_nyc if you use.

00 Quanta [6]
00 Gundam/00 Raiser [53]
Gundam Exia [36]
Setsuna, Season 1 [56]
Setsuna, Season 2/Movie [401]
Misc [2]


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